About Us

At Bubba Sunshine, we believe in the power of simplicity to make life more enjoyable. We’re for goods that go further—serving more than one purpose, lasting more than one season and giving back at the same time. We’re for celebrating the everyday and bringing out the best in ourselves and the products we use. And perhaps most of all, we’re for uncovering big possibilities in little things and making it look darn good while we’re at it.

We design our common-sense products to be forces of good in your life and the world at large. They’re simple, sustainable and made to integrate into your day without skipping a beat.

Frills are frivolous. Function is fun. That’s Bubba Sunshine.


Bubba Whatta!?
Bubba Sunshine is named for our founder’s two kiddos: big, bubba-love Jack and ray-of-sunshine Abby. Together, they radiate with pure, simple joy, just like the products they inspire.

It’s a chaotic world out there, and Molly Lazzara was overwhelmed by overcomplications. As an innovation expert and busy mom, she was constantly thinking up new product ideas to solve whatever hassle she had at hand. It wasn’t long before Bubba Sunshine was born.

Molly’s vision for Bubba Sunshine is a brand of simple, hardworking products that tackle everyday hassles and give back in a meaningful way. It’s not about reinventing the wheel or inventing the next new gadget. It’s about creating products that can be used to their fullest, even if it’s just updating a kid product to not look so kiddie so you actually keep it around. Molly’s motto: nothing simple should ever become obsolete.

So, is it possible to improve your community or create a movement with something as simple as a plastic vial? Molly sure thinks so, and we hope you’ll agree.